Monday, April 15, 2013

Reader Tips! *Including a Stash-Buster Tip!!*

I don't tell all of you how much I appreciate you often enough. I love it when you stop by and read what I work on, I love it when I get to read your comments, and I especially love it when I get emails from you!!

I recently got an email from one of my readers - Jennifer O - and she has some great tips about Home Improvement and a great idea for using up those pesky scraps of paper in your craft stash!

Tip #1

Use a body pouf to clean the grime off your shower walls! It works better than a sponge because its whole surface is like the green scratchy side of the sponge and it doesn't leave any residue. (I've noticed that when I scrub the grout in my showers with the green side of the sponge it will leave little green flecks in the grout. Eww!)

Tip #2

This one is a really great one. Its a stash buster!! I know that when I do projects (especially ones with paper) I have a lot of left over materials. Here is how Jennifer uses these scraps:

"When I work on a project that has coordinating papers and embellishments I challenge myself to see how many cards I can make afterward in 15 minutes.  All the coordinating stuff is out, so it doesn't take long and then I don't feel bad for throwing away unused scraps because I have many lots of stuff out of it."

Here is a picture of one of her challenges (click on it to read more about her project!):


Thank you Jennifer for the wonderful tips!!

Be sure to check back often for some more great inspiration! If you would like to have a project or craft featured, please send me an email at thewellcraftedhome{at}yahoo{dot}com!

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