Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm approaching a milestone! {Poll}

Never did I think that I would be doing my first giveaway so soon!! I'm so thankful to everyone who has visited my site since I started. I can't believe that I'm about to reach 20,000 page views!! Woo Hoo!!

In order to celebrate this milestone properly, I think a giveaway is in order! I've decided to giveaway one of my most popular projects but I can't decide which one you guys will like the most so I'm leaving it up to you!

Here are the three options that I'm going to have you guys choose from:

Option #1: My DIY Candle Holders:

Option #2: Flower Art (you would get to tell me what color to create it in):

Option #3: Hurricane Vases (Set of 3!):

Let me know what you guys think!! This poll will be open until next week and then it will be giveaway time! :)

 photo TheWellCraftedHome_zps26a4d5c3.png
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  1. Congratulations and reaching your first goal! Before you know it, you'll be celebrating 200,000 page will happen!!! I cast my vote.

    1. Awe! Thank you! Thats so encouraging! I'm so glad you voted. Its tied right now between option 1 and 2! Everyone needs to vote or someones going to get an awesome prize haha


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