Friday, May 25, 2012

Rolled Paper Fowers

I am dying to have a bouquet of flowers that sits on my table but never wilts. I also want something thats a little unique. These beautiful Rolled Paper Flowers from Jones Design Company are exactly what I was looking for!

I love that they are bright, beautful, and they dont wilt! :) Thats my kind of flower!

I also *LOVE* the look of the sheet music! Its so romantic and the color scheme is perfect! I made a little rosette last night out of some red paper and a green leaf. I will have to post a picture of it when I get home tonight!

Thanks to Emily for sharing this wonderful tutorial! Click here to get started on your new bouquet!

 photo TheWellCraftedHome_zps26a4d5c3.png


  1. Love this idea for those of us with a black thumb :)

  2. That would be me! And thats also one of the reasons why I love these flowers so much :)


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