Monday, September 1, 2014

Made By Me Mondays: Rainbow Tissue Pouf for Baby's Room

As you know from my post back in March, my husband and I had our first baby this year!! He is such a little joy and we love him so much. I'm sure some of you know the feeling of wanting to give your child the best things possible. 

When he was still on the way, we kept getting the question of "what theme did you choose for the nursery?" While this was a thoughtful question, it also added bit of a stress because I felt like I had to make his nursery perfect and coordinate the fabrics, stuffed animals, sheets, pictures, paint and all that goes along with the nursery. Needless to say this did not happen!

We wanted to have a superhero themed room but they don't sell a lot of Batman themed items at Babies R Us (which is a little disappointing). Anyways, we ended up getting a bunch of random gifts from family and friends which turned out to be perfect! Now his room has a little bit of everything! I wanted to add something special that I made just for him. 

These Rainbow Tissue Poufs were perfect! While my son is developing his eyesight, they give him some colors to look at, there's different textures, and when you open the window, they are light enough to be moved by the breeze that comes in. 

We originally had these above my son's crib but I was worried that they would fall and he would get tangled in them in the night so we moved them over his changing table and now he can still enjoy them and be safe all at the same time!

Here is how you can make some of your own:

You will need:
Tape or something to secure them to the ceiling

Step 1:
Take 4 layers of Tissue Paper and fold them accordion style. (I used 4 and it worked great for the smaller poufs but the larger ones were a little bare. The bigger the pouf you are making, the more sheets of tissue paper you will need)

Step 2:
Tie your Embroidery Floss or string around the middle of your folded tissue paper. Make sure to leave enough slack on the end of the string so you can hang them from the ceiling

Step 3:
Cut the ends of the tissue paper to a point or a rounded end (or whatever other fun pattern you want)

Step 4:
Separate the layers of the tissue paper - pulling each layer away from the folded bunch and out so they form a circle once all the layers are separated.

Step 5:
Fasten the poufs to the ceiling using tape or whatever else you want to use!

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