Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ask Eric #1! {Q&A with Mr. Well Crafted}

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be introducing my husband to you tonight! His name is Eric and he is here to answer your questions! He will be answering 10 of your questions every Thursday. If you would like to submit a question for next week, you can do so by posting it as a comment or sending it to me in an email

Here are the questions we received from last weeks post!

1) What is your favorite hobby and why?
Poker. Ever since I was a little kid I have been fascinated with being able to "read" people based of body language and small tells they may not even be aware of. The movie Rounders was when I really got into poker. I won the first tourney I ever played in and then I was hooked.

2) If you had $1 million, what would you spend it on?
I would first donate a good chunk to Charity Water. Then a good chunk to savings and no more bills. Then with whatever is left I would give to my wife so she won't get mad about what I want to do with my half haha... Then the fun begins! I would either become a picker and fill our mansion with antiques and collectibles or become a storage auction champion and fill our mansion with junk and some cool stuff... mostly junk probably.

3) If you were an M&M, what color would you be and why?
Green w/ peanut or peanut butter. Green is my favorite color and my wife keep saying I'm NUTS!

4) In the future, can I ask you questions about how to build something like a shelf or other things around the home?
You can ask me anything. *Eric is not responsible for any damages caused if you choose to take his advice*

5) What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
Garage sale hunting is slowly becoming my favorite thing to do on the weekends. Great way to save on crafting material for Lauren and then I get my fix of treasure hunting. Also love to do anything that is not cleaning on the weekends.

6) What is your all time favorite movie?
Die Hard.

7) Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Ixtapa Mexico.

8) What is your favorite comic book character?
Magneto. Probably not the most popular choice seeing how he is a Villian but you would be pretty unstoppable if you can control anything around you that has a hint of any magnetic metal material in it.

9) What is the sweetest thing your wife ever did for you?
She got me Seahawks tickets one row from the field near the 50-yard line. The day of the game it was dumping snow and we had to walk a ways to take the bus into Seattle. Then she suffered through a freezing cold game, then the buses were delayed about 3 hours. So we sat in the cold bus stop waiting then when we got closer to home the bus got stuck in the snow. When we finally got back into our home town we are told the bus will only stop at a transit center so we had to climb the hill to our home in deep snow. Although it was a great time there were many miserable moments which showed me how much she cares for me for enduring them. Also, I know I'm a handful so if she could deal with all that she could probably deal with my antics.

10) What, in your opinion, is the number one most useful tool for surviving the undead?
There are many factors that go into the most useful tool for surviving the undead. Smart decisions and good preperation are key. As far as useful tool I would have to say the Machete. It's not too heavy so you can carry a couple as well as they would be easy to find in hardware stores and tool sheds of deserted houses. I like the idea of swords which I would most likley carry as well but I would not want to use it for chopping up wood for fires. Guns also a great tool but they need to be reloaded and require ammo so those do have a downside. If you can protect your backside and filter undead into an area in a reasonable stream then you'll be as safe as you can be as long as you can keep your strength for swinging.

We are excited to hear your questions for next week!!

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  1. What a great new feature to be adding. I love that you are fellow collector of 'junk'. I think I would want to know, as a spouse of a blogger, what is the most surprising thing you have witnessed Lauren to do create a post.


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